Not Every Pill Has Only MDMA

MDMA is a chemical compound found in ecstasy pills. Confused by many with ecstasy itself, it is probably the most popular and used drug in rave communities and at music festivals. Energizing, its effects last between three and six hours – even more. Just enough to party on your favorite DJ’s songs at a music festival, while enjoying the great sense of being. Dehydration is one of MDMA’s side effects. So be careful not to drink too much water – there is a thing such as water poisoning. But besides your necessary water bottle, a MDMA drug testing kit reassures that you’ll have a restless, without any problems.

MDMA is popular at music festivals and similar events. However, different drug dealers always try to scam potential clients by offering them some other drug that doesn’t contain MDMA, or that has a mix. This phenomenon has become more frequent since demand for MDMA has grown. That’s why a MDMA drug testing kit can help in such situations. As with other drug testing kits – like the cocaine testing kit – it can make a difference between enjoying an ecstatic night of dancing and going directly from the hot spot to the nearest hospital. If you have such a kit, you can ask the seller (drug dealer) to test it in front of you. If he refuses, be sure that he was trying to crook you.

This a kit contains a MDMA Marquis reagent, produced and available in the USA, along with a mini spoon, a vile and handy instructions for you to follow. The reagent can be used for more than 200 tests. So, if you are one of those raves who like to party hard, you’ll have enough to test out what you’re buying.

Just mix some of the substance with Marquis reagent into the vile and see if there is any change in color or other side effects. (For example, smoke could be one of the reactions.) Check the color chart that comes with your MDMA drug testing kit. That’s how you know if the substance contains MDMA or not. It should be a bluish black color.

So, enjoy your restless, full-night out with friends, while carelessly listening to your favorite DJs. But besides your necessary bottle of water, please check if what you are taking is pure. Scammers exist everywhere, let alone places where drugs are frequently consumed. Get your MDMA testing kit, and have a fun and safe night out.

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