Cocaine Testing Kits

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant which is likely used as a recreational drug and it is used by inhaling, snorting or injecting directly into the veins. The consequences of using it are an intense feeling of happiness, losing contact with reality or being agitated mentally. Physically, effects may include sweating, a fast heart rate and large pupils. When taken in high doses it can result in high body temperature or even high blood pressure. The effects take charge within seconds to minutes of use can last up to ninety minutes. Cocaine is highly addictive because of affecting the reward pathway in the brain.

Due to some coke lacking purity, testing kits have been developed for testing purposes.

Cocaine Testing Kits are one of the newest kits available to recognize molly, XTC, or cocaine. It was developed to recognize MDMA purity levels. The information colour and sheet chart will show the various expected purity levels. Being available in EZ test range, it uses a chemical reagent that is absorbed in silica gel that is held inside a glass ampoule.

You should put a sample in testing vial and hold it above the open jar such that if a drop will miss the vial, it will drop in the jar. Place the drops from the dropper bottle, onto the sample. The sample should not touch the bottle nozzle or else the reagent will contaminate. You will see the colour change in less than 60 seconds. Do a comparison of the sample colour with the colour chart provided. You should close the dropper bottle tightly if you are using other testing fluids and make sure you open one bottle at each time. Lastly you should wash the testing vial thoroughly after every use.

Even though reagent testing is the best unbeatable method for instant testing, it does not conclude fully. There are several variables that can affect the way the reaction looks like. Lights, impurities and unwanted substances that are in the sample may all have a role in this. There is no drug, illegal or legal that is a hundred percent safe.

Cocaine is an expensive drug so that it is banned in many countries. Even though the nations have created drugs clubbing units cocaine market is still on the rise as the kingpins are the high in the society and the powerful elite. For some reason cocaine has been added some chemicals to boost its effects, Cocaine test kit helps identify them.