Avoiding life threatening complications when using Ecstasy

I know this girl who ended up in hospital. She was at a music festival and she was supposed to be there dealing MDMA. There was a heavy police presence at the festival, including drug dogs, so to sneak it into the festival; she stuck it in her hoo haa.

Smart right?

Not so much it turns out, because it turns out, you can absorb drugs that way. Whatever she wrapped it in (and I didn’t ask) leaked, and she ended up really, really high. Initially she was just happy and high.

But then other stuff started to happen. The MDMA was cut with something (and staff in the medical tent weren’t sure what), which caused her to have very dangerous side effects including a heart arrhythmia, which eventually led to her being hospitalised in a coma.

E, Ecstacy, Molly, MDMA, Masterchef. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The reality is that taking drugs is always a gamble and do you really want to spend your hard earned cash on ambulance and hospital bills for the sake of saving a few dollars? I didn’t think so.

But there is a way to reduce your risk.

Research! Try and find out what is in the pill, what other people’s experiences have been and if it has any negative side effects.

Sounds time consuming right?

There’s another way. Buy an MDMA testing kit. It’s cheap, doesn’t use much of your product and reliable.

So I’m on a mission to make sure this doesn’t happen to other people.

If you are going to use MDMA here are some basic tips:

Using an MDMA testing kit can help you to work out just how pure your product is, and can help you to avoid nasty side effects and situations like the one I described above.

In addition to this it is important to look out for your mates, keep your fluids up and eat well before and after you use MDMA.

Another tip is to take Magnesium before you use (available at most health food stores). As this may help to reduce muscle tension and jaw clenching. Ecstasy

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