Not Every Pill Has Only MDMA

MDMA is a chemical compound found in ecstasy pills. Confused by many with ecstasy itself, it is probably the most popular and used drug in rave communities and at music festivals. Energizing, its effects last between three and six hours – even more. Just enough to party on your favorite DJ’s songs at a music festival, while enjoying the great sense of being. Dehydration is one of MDMA’s side effects. So be careful not to drink too much water – there is a thing such as water poisoning. But besides your necessary water bottle, a MDMA drug testing kit reassures that you’ll have a restless, without any problems.

MDMA is popular at music festivals and similar events. However, different drug dealers always try to scam potential clients by offering them some other drug that doesn’t contain MDMA, or that has a mix. This phenomenon has become more frequent since demand for MDMA has grown. That’s why a MDMA drug testing kit can help in such situations. As with other drug testing kits – like the cocaine testing kit – it can make a difference between enjoying an ecstatic night of dancing and going directly from the hot spot to the nearest hospital. If you have such a kit, you can ask the seller (drug dealer) to test it in front of you. If he refuses, be sure that he was trying to crook you.

This a kit contains a MDMA Marquis reagent, produced and available in the USA, along with a mini spoon, a vile and handy instructions for you to follow. The reagent can be used for more than 200 tests. So, if you are one of those raves who like to party hard, you’ll have enough to test out what you’re buying.

Just mix some of the substance with Marquis reagent into the vile and see if there is any change in color or other side effects. (For example, smoke could be one of the reactions.) Check the color chart that comes with your MDMA drug testing kit. That’s how you know if the substance contains MDMA or not. It should be a bluish black color.

So, enjoy your restless, full-night out with friends, while carelessly listening to your favorite DJs. But besides your necessary bottle of water, please check if what you are taking is pure. Scammers exist everywhere, let alone places where drugs are frequently consumed. Get your MDMA testing kit, and have a fun and safe night out.

Avoiding life threatening complications when using Ecstasy

I know this girl who ended up in hospital. She was at a music festival and she was supposed to be there dealing MDMA. There was a heavy police presence at the festival, including drug dogs, so to sneak it into the festival; she stuck it in her hoo haa.

Smart right?

Not so much it turns out, because it turns out, you can absorb drugs that way. Whatever she wrapped it in (and I didn’t ask) leaked, and she ended up really, really high. Initially she was just happy and high.

But then other stuff started to happen. The MDMA was cut with something (and staff in the medical tent weren’t sure what), which caused her to have very dangerous side effects including a heart arrhythmia, which eventually led to her being hospitalised in a coma.

E, Ecstacy, Molly, MDMA, Masterchef. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The reality is that taking drugs is always a gamble and do you really want to spend your hard earned cash on ambulance and hospital bills for the sake of saving a few dollars? I didn’t think so.

But there is a way to reduce your risk.

Research! Try and find out what is in the pill, what other people’s experiences have been and if it has any negative side effects.

Sounds time consuming right?

There’s another way. Buy an MDMA testing kit. It’s cheap, doesn’t use much of your product and reliable.

So I’m on a mission to make sure this doesn’t happen to other people.

If you are going to use MDMA here are some basic tips:

Using an MDMA testing kit can help you to work out just how pure your product is, and can help you to avoid nasty side effects and situations like the one I described above.

In addition to this it is important to look out for your mates, keep your fluids up and eat well before and after you use MDMA.

Another tip is to take Magnesium before you use (available at most health food stores). As this may help to reduce muscle tension and jaw clenching. Ecstasy

A Word or Two About MDMA and How to Test it

Despite its well-earned reputation among drug users, MDMA is one of the drugs whose quality is often questionable. Taken that into consideration, you are left to your own devices when it comes to estimating the drug quality. Now, you are unsure whether the substance you got is the shit or just… well, shit.

What’s MDMA in the first place?

Even though you are highly likely to already know enough about the drug itself,  I’ll still make certain to write a sort of introduction to MDMA.

MDMA, also known as ecstasy, is a synthetic drug used primarily for recreational purposes due to its capacity to distort your perception of space and time. Among other things, it is also known for inducing the effects of increased euphoria, empathy, and awareness of the environment and surrounding objects.

When MDMA first showed up in the streets, it was mostly used in the nightclub and dance parties, commonly known as “raves”. People would take the drug in these circumstances to have more fun. Nowadays, people take it for numerous recreational reasons.

Now that you are familiar with the basics, I’ll just mention a few adverse effects of MDMA abuse:

  • Irritability
  • Memory and attention problems
  • Inability to sleep
  • Loss of appetite

MDMA can also cause severe health problems, but we’ll stop right here and offer a guideline to keeping these side effects at bay.

Test your MDMA before ingesting

Pinpoint this one – always be one step ahead. Do so because if abused, a drug substance can potentially do harm to you and your body. Nowadays, there is a number of ways to help you out with testing any drug. One of them is MDMA testing kit, a tool that will easily identify your pills and powders and screen for unwanted substances. Moreover, if you are an on-the-go kind of person, you can use it anywhere you like.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. MDMA testing kit contains a chemical agent that responds to your MDMA by the change in color when mixed in with it.

Take precautions before ingesting any drug

To quote Mr. Mackey, “Drugs are bad, mkay…” In my opinion, this is only partially true. The thing is, whether it’s an ecstatic state or fall under the influence of depression and anxiety, it solely depends on the way how you take drugs.

Music celebrations require better procedures for gathering drugs

Two youngsters 22-year-old Willard Amurao and 20 years of age Annie Trong-Le both died after taking a collection of medicines at the VELD Music Festival in Downsview Park recently. Might the two families into grieving after another Canadian music celebration.

Their death prompts one to ask what is the good reason the festival coordinators are so moderate at receiving better procedures that will anticipate such deaths. Methodologies that will concentrate more on damage decrease, as opposed to attempting to make a drug free zone.

This year alone, the medication-related loss of life has incorporated a 19-year-old at the Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa, and 24 years old at the Boonstock celebration in Penticton, B.C. The police are yet to affirm the reason for the demise of a 21-year-old died at B.C’s Pemberton Music Festival, yet have totally discounted any unfairness.

The Toronto police still couldn’t recognize the reason for the VELD deaths; expect toxicology results one week from now. However the guilty parties that are behind most music celebration are untested ecstasy and molly, engineered road sedates that contains minimal amounts of MDMA. Testing cocaine and MDMA with a valid marquis reagent is key here.

The official executive of the U.S based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies; Rick Doblin said that there ought to be a dynamic exertion that will gain from these tragedies.

The U.S based Multidisciplinary Association reserves restorative exploration on MDMA, LSD, and also other hallucinogenic medications, yet Doblin claims that his association is progressively financing hurt diminishment methodologies for occasions where the drugs are taken for a recreational reason.

Dublin said after this happens, you regularly hear individuals saying that children are dying and criminal punishments ought to be expanded. Doblin conceives that the utilization of MDMA could be entirely hazard free is false, however in what capacity individuals can be aided in making judgments about the dangers that they need to take.

Andrew Feldmar (A Vancouver-based psychotherapist) says nobody dies from taking MDMA, and that what somebody could die off is whatever it was blended with or drying out, or some other heavenly body of factors which doesn’t correlate with MDMA itself.

Feldman said that an issue with MDMA is that it is unlawful, and its production is uncontrolled. Molly and ecstasy likewise generally contain added substances that its clients are unconscious of, for example, gem meth. Additionally, another issue is the area where it is expended. It is typically consumed at hot, and swarmed areas and when medicinal help is accessible it has generally stayed away from because of the trepidation of arrest.

What is molly said that you couldn’t conquer a significant portion of these difficulties by imagining that the medications can undoubtedly be kept out.

She expressed that they urged the coordinators to recognize the utilization of drugs, because by not recognizing in this way, it is careless. She said it is regularly a difficult task, and they are frightful of any lawful liabilities that are included in working with them, and that it’s only less demanding to say it’s a medication free occasion.

Doblin stated that his gathering is as of now get ready writing about the utilization of gathering medicine for celebration coordinators. He likewise wishes that MDMA is decriminalized and that meanwhile, a great deal ought to be done so as to make its utilization more secure. He said that we have to talk about this as a training connection rather than a restriction setting and that you will wind up with the way that there are dangers, however, how would we react to that as a general public?

eet Molly: The Truth About MDMA

Madonna creates some noise in 2012, when he speaks of “Molly” at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Madonna shouted to the audience: “How many people in the crowd have seen Molly” Madonna spoke about the song “What is Molly” Cedric Gervais However, the “Molly” is also the nickname of MDMA?.. many news agencies reported that the legendary pop singer talked about drugs, not the song.

Madonna responded by saying: “I do not support drug use and I never have.”

About Molly

We are very pleased that Madonna has not encouraged their fans to use MDMA, because it is a very dangerous drug. MDMA is done by the stimulant similar to methamphetamine. It is commonly used in dance clubs and concerts, and can make people feel that they have more energy and less fear. But the myth of pure and safe MDMA is certainly not true, unless end consumers are using an MDMA testing kit to assess the substance.

We present Molly correctly.

often mixed Molly. MDMA is a synthetic drug, which means it is made of chemicals. It is the main ingredient in ecstasy. It comes in pills, tablets or capsules sometimes cartoon-like in it. Sometimes, the pill or pills each lot may have different combinations of these substances in the mixture and cause unpredictable consequences.

Molly made him hyper. People who use MDMA may feel very alert or “hyper”. But MDMA can also cause muscle cramps, nausea, blurred vision, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and in rare cases, hyperthermia and death.

Molly you can press. Possible side effects of MDMA include feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression and memory problems. This may take several days to a week (or more in people who regularly use).

Molly dangerous. MDMA can be dangerous in high doses increase the risk of seizures and affect the heart’s ability to maintain a normal rhythm. An animal study suggests that exposure to high doses of MDMA for 4 days produced brain damage that can still be seen in 6 to 7 years later.

Ecstasy use increases

Despite the negative consequences, the study NIDA Future monitoring shows that in the past year Ecstasy use significantly among students and young adults 19-28 years. Another report showed that emergency room visits related to ecstasy has increased by almost 123% between 2004 and 2009; two thirds of this mission participated ages 18-29. This is disturbing news, because we are still learning how ecstasy affects the brain.

It is sometimes difficult to know where to go to get the facts about drugs. In NIDA, we can learn from science not hearsay or gossip. Ask the question, facts, and think seriously about what you find and what it means for you.

Cocaine Testing Kits

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant which is likely used as a recreational drug and it is used by inhaling, snorting or injecting directly into the veins. The consequences of using it are an intense feeling of happiness, losing contact with reality or being agitated mentally. Physically, effects may include sweating, a fast heart rate and large pupils. When taken in high doses it can result in high body temperature or even high blood pressure. The effects take charge within seconds to minutes of use can last up to ninety minutes. Cocaine is highly addictive because of affecting the reward pathway in the brain.

Due to some coke lacking purity, testing kits have been developed for testing purposes.

Cocaine Testing Kits are one of the newest kits available to recognize molly, XTC, or cocaine. It was developed to recognize MDMA purity levels. The information colour and sheet chart will show the various expected purity levels. Being available in EZ test range, it uses a chemical reagent that is absorbed in silica gel that is held inside a glass ampoule.

You should put a sample in testing vial and hold it above the open jar such that if a drop will miss the vial, it will drop in the jar. Place the drops from the dropper bottle, onto the sample. The sample should not touch the bottle nozzle or else the reagent will contaminate. You will see the colour change in less than 60 seconds. Do a comparison of the sample colour with the colour chart provided. You should close the dropper bottle tightly if you are using other testing fluids and make sure you open one bottle at each time. Lastly you should wash the testing vial thoroughly after every use.

Even though reagent testing is the best unbeatable method for instant testing, it does not conclude fully. There are several variables that can affect the way the reaction looks like. Lights, impurities and unwanted substances that are in the sample may all have a role in this. There is no drug, illegal or legal that is a hundred percent safe.

Cocaine is an expensive drug so that it is banned in many countries. Even though the nations have created drugs clubbing units cocaine market is still on the rise as the kingpins are the high in the society and the powerful elite. For some reason cocaine has been added some chemicals to boost its effects, Cocaine test kit helps identify them.